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Gadsden Times "Mugshots"

Whenever I look at the Gadsden Times Mugshots, I always see a couple of photos that are just CRYING OUT for a caption.'s the first of what I'll be posting here from time to time:

"OK, #475829. If you'll look to the left you'll see "Bubba", your new cell partner. Don't let him being a 300lbs homosexual bother you. In time you'll learn to love him".

"Sorry, lady. We don't do "glamour shots" and you don't get any 5x7s for your portfolio".

"Ah................. Three hots and a cot. Dats wut I'm talkin' 'bout!!!"


This man was arrested for wearing a 80's Mullet in 2012.

Soon we'll be arresting all the non-jazz musicians wearing goatees.

"I thought you only got arrested without a shirt on "COPS!"


"Sunblock? What'a that?"

"It's so nice to be wanted. Even if it's by the POL-LEESE!"

"Stop calling me "Lady"!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Uh, Officer. Can I change my last name before you put me in the cell?"


I certainly hope they got this guy's name wrong!

Town Crier

I swear I do not snort crack cocaine!!! I was baking cookies....and I put my shirt on wrong side outward and backwards so I would not get flower on it.

Former Resident

Truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction. That last one, poor thing, is some mother's daughter.

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