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Today's breaking stories...
Can anyone dispute this?
Read it and weep...
The War On Children...
Mark This Well…
Is That Armageddon...
Immigration Gumballs...
Deconstruction of America has stopped...
Proper Grammar is 'Racist'...
Loss of a ECCC Member: ROBERT
"Tweeting", a means of "Transparency"
Times of Israel...
The Greatest Gift for All...
Fake News...
Post Election Riots
Happy Days are Here Again
Political theatre...
Please, tell me it aint so!
The Toxic Payload in Vaccines...
Where did we go wrong?
Coming to America?
Just a reminder...
Dallas, a Dilemma
Is anybody sick...
There's a feud...
A Rare Malady, "Pist-Awff"
History Lesson
The American Dream...
What's it gonna take...
Is this ludicrous...
Should he leave his day job?
There is nothing new under the sun!
Up In Smoke...
Do the math...
Election 2016 Follows Communist Blueprint...
The Evolution of Math Teaching
Eagle One to Wanta...
Can You Explain It?
Psychiatry in the Military:
One Big Play
A new take on the "Know Nothing Party"...
Winter Weather Advisory
News Flash...
Tide Roll!
Donald Drumpf...
What a bunch...
Just read...
Is 30 years enough?
In Deep South, students caught in cycle of poverty
Bengazi Panel
Interesting perspective...
Magazine: Gadsden among top small cities
Speaker of the Lower Chamber
Beacon Publisher Says Obama Is Not Welcomed in Roseburg
Not news, per se...?
Battle of the Titans
Interesting foreign policy...
Black Power...
The Field of Presidential Contenders
Can We Afford Trump?
California sinking faster than ever...
On a Constitutional Convention
Christian Ministry Banned Under New Edict
Interesting ongoing lawsuit...
Free Speech on Trial:
Who'd a thunk it?
Paranoia? Or cause for concern?
A Failed Presidency
The political strategy of silence...
Trump as A Third Party Candidate honest politician
Walmart "Sells Out"
Independence Day
To the victor goes the spoils...
The Prisoners Are Not Happy
...I Forgive you...
VA Medical Services
Obit for Thomas Russell Barnes (Condor)
Passing of Condor
Streets of Baltimore
24 car pileup on I-59 North Bound Lane
Joyce Garrard Trial
Iraq, an Albatross
Veterans' Healthcare
Donald Sterling and Foot in His Mouth
Finally, an effective solution...
It's Official!
Red Flag Warning
Flight of Boeing 777
The (Our?) Government at Work
Let Me Be Clear
Super Bowl - 48
The End of the Beginning...
Is this a joke or is Nick for Real!!!
PH Day...
Breaking News!
Speaking of "Turkeys"
Hidden Code in the Healthcare.Gov. Site
Healthcare System is FIXED
Happy Veteran's Day (?)
When is "Enough"?
Its Halloween
The Rise and Fall of a Great Nation
State’s first Trail of Tears Memorial to open Saturday
Auburn rallies past Mississippi State 24-20 in SEC opener
I would hate to see Bama loose the National Titles
President's Call to Arms in Syria
Beetle Bailey creator honored on 90th birthday
Etowah County Sheriff's Office News Conference Today
Change to the Weapons Law
Community Health Systems to acquire Health Management Assocs
Alabama Open Carry Law
Never Let the Facts Get in The Way...
Race Based Standards in Alabama Education
Johnson's Giant Food owner dies
Zimmerman Trial
Nothing new?
Space station Visible
Flag Day
Brief, and to the point...
Teacher of the Year
No blathering here...
Etowah County CFO arrested
Alert: Inmate Escapes from ECDC
IRS "Audit"
Alabama, Football and Nick Saban
Flood Warning
Mrs Thatcher's Funeral
What's this World Coming to?
Gadsden Times
Guess Times Are Getting Tough For The Gadsden Times
Supreme Court in Gay Marriage
Attalla Junction Park
Gun control works...
Michelle Turns Fifty
The US Economy (sham)
Is that Jesse hiding in the background
"Trial by Media"
Training Aid For The Liberal Media Talking Heads
Alabama Most Conservative State?
There's A Joke Here, But I'd Be Called "Racist"
Sandy Hook Dad Speaks On Gun Control
He Told Us In Advance.............................
Remember The Gubment Buying All That Ammo?
The Latest Shooting Victim
Woman Rejects Help Despite 67 Dead Cats
Speaking of defiant...
Defiant Clinton Dog and Pony Show
Need A Reason To Stop Eating At McDonalds?
Veteran Speaks Up At Anti Gun Rally
Sign Of The Times
How To Celebrate MLK Day?
Hood, one of first African-Americans to enroll at UA, dies
2013 Quote of the Day
Idiot Or Insurance Fraud?
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It SNOW!
Things You Find While Surfing The Net
GT - Our View
1 student shot at high school in Taft, Calif.
Bill Clinton Named "Father of the Year"
Racialism in the South
Value Of A Human Life?
Sandy Hook Tragedy Lies
What Do Alabama & California Have In Common?
Man arrested, shot wife's clothes
Minority Report - Starring Barak Obama
Big Brother Is Watching You
Why Your Receipt Tells The Truth The Govt/News Media Won't
Fiscal Cliff Bill BS
UK's "Financial Times" On Our New Debt Deal
Speaker of the House for the 113th Congress
History Of School Shootings In The USA
Quote Of The Day - 2013
"We Need More Match Control Laws" or "All In
Counter Fit 20's in Attalla
Gunman shoots at Fireman in Hoover
Obama nominating Kerry as Secretary of State
Rage At Mickey D's Drive Through
No One Is Safe Anymore
“We have met the enemy and he is us.”
Shooter Holmes & Lanza Connected?
Fifth annual Tuscaloosa Avenue Christmas Parade
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