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Driving Etiiquette
Amber Alert...Another One
Flags and Such
Bureaucreacy and Bureaucrats
Snail Mail
The "N" Word
Student Loans - the Projected New Bust
The European Union Attempt At Normalcy
A TV Personality
How did it happen?
Wussies All
Sandy Hook - Real Event or Red Flag?
The Hypocracy Of The Left
mad as all get out
Disgust With Spammers
The Handwritting On The Wall
Do You Support Obama?
Need Another Reason To Not Like Unions?
African-American? I Think Not
On Civility and Untruths
What's The Dept of Defense Up To In Jordan
Donkey Taken Off Ballot
Too Many Coincidences
Modern Slavery In USA
Well, Which Is It?
Let's Support Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Explaining The Difference Between Repubs & Dems
How To Behave During A Muslim Massacre
A Word To Rioting Muslims
Sharia Law Is Coming
Eisenhower Was Right
America Is Very Open Minded
What Cops Deal With On A Daily Basis
Racism Introduction
Sweetvases A'int Happy
Jefferson Speaks Against Occupiers And Socialism
The Names Have Been Left Out To Protect The Guilty
Taxed To Death
Net Job Losses
The States - Our Last Best Hope
Love It Or Leave It
Ohatchee City Hall
Etowah county sheriff's WEB site
Protecting who's best interest?
The Intelligence Deficit
Deficits, Debts and Demagogues
Race Relations Being Shot to Hell
Take your old flowers with YOU!!!
Dalgast is PO'ed
Remember The Tawana Brawley & Duke "rape" Case
US Land Given Away In Secret
Gumby Was Flexible Too
Contraceptives...and Women's Rights
POTUS's Bias Against Christianity - The List Of Offences
Teflon Candidate
Shared Emails
Self Promoting Attorneys
The Economy Is Getting Better?
Why We Need Voter ID
Stream Of Consciousness Observations Regarding The SOTU
We Have Met The Terrorists, And They Are Us
Ninety-Nine Years of Evil The 16th Amendment And Its Effec
I hate Links
Political DoubleSpeak
Wasn't It A Bit Like Now?
The Times They Are A Changin'
Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous
Quote On News Media
"What We Got Here Is, Failure To Communicate"
Gadsden Time got a Virus???
On College Education...
It's Good To Be King
Irritating phone calls
Inalienable Rights
Customers who are inconsiderate
Too Wide??
Tats and welfare[foodstamp]
Last One Out, Turn Off The Lights
Sentence of Former Governor
The Upcoming Bowl Games
Quote of the Day
How To Check If Your Pastor Is A "Diva"
Double Standard
road rage
'Tis The Season - To Attack Christian Faith
Great day to whoop somebody
i am tired!!!
Just a Rant
Is this for real?
NO Quake!!!!!!
Debt Ceiling
Medical Facilities Procedures
What is wrong with Cracker Barrell
Respect for your Neighborhood
Sweetvases is PO'ed
a rant about
Server down or bussy
Why? Oh Why?
Obamas Dictator Bill
Sweetvases is fixing to Rant!!!!
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