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Gardening Day May 6.
Laptop V. Desktop
This isn't funny!
1776 Indenpendance Day You Shitting Me?
Best Friends & Disposition
On Male Logic
Randy The Rooster
Phone Call...
No Longer Hillbilly Rednecks.
Squirrel Resuses Treatment
And the Winner is....
)n Walmart Greeters
Don't Mess With Old Lady's
Chinese Sick Leave
Estate Planinng
There's more than one way to skin a cat...
Alabama Heat
Mowing Back Yard.
Though I had seen my self
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
I Got to Pee!!!
6 Lessons in Management that Everyone Should Know.
Passwords, Stupid Passwords
Those were the days my friend...
Pondering is so relaxing!
Why mechanics love dealing with women...
Paper is not dead!
Paper is not dead!
Snow Blower
Humor for the Guys
A Decided Preference
Letter to Bad Santa and his Reply
Don't drink and drive...
Rudolph's Errant Ways
Black Friday
A Case of Mistaken Identity
This one's for FR..
The Cat Burglar
Himalayin Possums
Poor Men?!?!?
Disappearing Wife
Dont be Judgmental
Sex It's all Business
A Day in the life of Sweetvases!!!!!
Leather Dress!!!!!!
Think before you Speak
I'll be on the Porch!!!
Morning Exercise
Ever wake up in someone else's bed?
Attalla Web Page
2 Dirty Old Men
Tough Harley Guy...
Test Question
Dead Penguins
Lawyer's Questions to Dr. On the Stand.
Hellman's Mayonnaise
How actors cry on cue...
Dogs & Dawgs
Meeting Postponed
Snow Bird
Old Cow
I'll bet...
How Our Government Works
Guess who's Coming for Dinner!
Buying a Horse!!!
From an English News Paper
I'll Call You Back!!!
Do You Mind?
Windows vs Ford...
Four husbands...
Subject: Lost churches of the East Coast.
In the Life of a Walmart Shopper
Humor or Info?
Actual Quotes From The Original "Hollywood Squares"
The Old Lady & Her Cat
Senior Personal Ads
Splinters In Crotch
Bad Lip Reading Strikes Again!
Flies Just LOVE A Big Pile Of Crap!
Gun Safety
Shame on You Hunters...
A Wife's Devotion
Humor of 2013
Joe Joe in "It's 5 O'clock Somewhere"
Joe Joe Birthday today 3 years old.
Some People don't need Guns!!!
Tequila New Year's Cake recipe~enjoy!
Santa And The Angel
The atheist and the little girl...
Naughty and Nice List
Auburn Bowling Balls
Men and their Balls.
Tough Harley Guy
Power Ball
Careful how you address foreigners
Trip to the grocery store:
Banned from Krogers...
Thank goodness for studies!!!
Great Investment Opportunity!
Nuf said
Big Bird Attacks Obama
Hitler's Reaction To Obama/Romney Debate
If This Were Really Available!
The Election Will Be Decided By.............................
You Know Your in A Redneck Church...
Here's Why They're Against Voter ID
Obama - Completely Out Of Context - But FUNNY
Obama's Red Line
Barry Soetoro The Hero
Bubba At His Best
Tibute Video To The NFL Replacement Refs
A Prankster Kind of Humor
She Doesn't Go To Public School
Synchronized Toilet Flush
Rodeo Clown In Hot Water For Racist Joke
This Guy Was Relieved To See Obama!
Inheriting A Mess
Follow Directions
Modern Church Services
Tim Hawkins - "God Bless You, Chick-Fil-A"
Horse Vs Donkey
Blond and Bomb
Ronnie's deep insight...
Lie Detector Politician...
Three cheers for Texas...
Who's On First?
Two young boys...
Amish and Their Buggies
Lifeguard with a sense of humor...
It's A Miracle!
Ready to place your order?
Nothing gets in the way of road crew...
Sex at 90
Proof That Sen Reid Has No Brain!
Nigeria google...
Umpire With No Sense Of Humor
She's Arrived
Right or Wrong
I Hate Drawing Welfare
The World's Most Interesting Man Weighs In
Sweet(?) Old Lady
Questions That Keep Me Up At Night
Toughness - Cowboy Style
Why Paul Didn't Want Women To Speak In Church
2008 Obama Voter Interviews 2012 Self
Liberal Taxes Explained
Top 12 Reasons to Vote Democrat
Welcome To Attalla
And They Say Tea Party Members Are Weird
FL Pastor's "Ten Commandments For Dating My Daughter&qu
Pest House Cemetery in Alabama City
Visitation Hours for Sweetvases
Gadsden Times "Mugshots"
Handicapped Parking
Spank Him Again
The Meaning of Life
Book Signing Tomorrow
Breaking News
Possible Vacation Destinations
Its All About Healthcare
Man Bites Dog
Sock Puppet of the United States
Scientists Discover New Element
Best Obituary Ever
Fresh Sausage
Watch Out for them Pesky Mosqitos!!!
Obama's Easter Ego
Those Blonde Women
Mowing the Lawn
Media Twisting The Facts For Headlines
It's just a joke/ Don't flip-out
A Few Quick Obama Jokes
The Ever Lovable Redneck
Buncha Dang Flukers!!!!!!!!
Prison vs. Work
Amish Traffic Stop
Attalla Ordance for Oak Hill Cemetery
Bartender Question
Racially Insensitive Geography
"The Government Can"
Sleeping with Bob
How to refute anyone's opinions
Pope goes to heaven
Some Great Country Song Titles
Another "DUH" Moment From The Gadsden Times
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